Monday, September 12, 2016


Yeah, huge fun.
And it turns out it's good for the brain - this writer's brain, in particular.

Need brute strength? Nope.
Just a desire to be off balance - inside and out.

So here are the benefits:

Decision making.
Do I really need this character?

Visualization. Scenes!

Problem Solving.
All creativity is about problem solving.

Determination. Need this more than money.

Spatial awareness.  Where's my coffee cup?

Planning. Well, not for all writers ... seat of the pants works too.

Concentration. Can you say headache?

Ok, so if bouldering is a vertical problem: what to hold (keep), where to step (let go and move forward), how to balance (find the right word), where to rest (white space) - well, so is writing.

And climbing competes against gravity, time, fatigue, and the mind (Myles Moser). Just like writing!

Ok, enough.

It's all in the photo taken at Chester Lake, Alberta. Joy, joy, joy ....