Thursday, June 23, 2011

MakeShift Bookmark Reviews Karma: "SO FULL OF WIN"

Since Karma was released in late March I have been fortunate enough to receive a steady flow of positive reviews, and a lot of them have been from bloggers.  When announcing a new review on Facebook I have stated a couple of times that "this is the best review yet!" And here I am happy to announce (again) that this one too is the best review yet!

Jen of MakeShift Bookmark has written a wonderful post about how Karma has turned her into a reader who now loves historical fiction as well as verse.  I am always delighted to hear how reluctant readers of verse novels are made into fans of the genre by Maya and Sandeep's touching story.  With quotes like "This book blew my freaking mind." it is hard not to brand it as the best review yet!

"This book is perfectly written, evocative, emotional, and will totally make a historical fiction fan out of those of us who typically couldn't care less. Cathy Ostlere has made a fan out of me. And this will DEFINITELY not be my last book told in verse."

BIG thanks to Jen, to read her full review please visit MakeShift Bookmak.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

So Many Exciting Announcements!

Vancouver journalist Gurpreet Singh writes about Karma in the Georgia Straight

From June 3-6, Sikhs around the world commemorated those who died in the 1984 violence due to Indira Gandhi's Operation Bluestar and her subsequent assassination. Although fiction, Karma is set historically accurate in the middle of these political and tragic events.  Reader's comments at the end of the article illustrate that 27 years later, the demand for justice remains passionate. Read the article here: Georgia Straight.

FFWD The Best of Calgary
I was voted Best Local Poet or Author by Fast Forward Weekly readers in the 2011 Best of Calgary reader's poll. Thank you Calgary!

The Play's The Thing! I am finally happy to announce that yes, Lost: A Memoir will be travelling!

Lost: A Memoir is travelling with Jan Alexandra Smith

Halifax -- Neptune Theatre
October 18 - Nov. 6, 2011

Winnipeg -- Praire Theatre Exchange
January 19 - February 5, 2011

Lost will also be featured at the Indianapolis Repertory Theatre's Going Solo3
A Festival of Intimate Stories Brought to Life
Indianapolis -- Indianapolis Repertory Theatre
Starring Constance Macy
September 22 - October 23

- Cathy Ostlere