Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wordfest - Calgary Oct 11-16, 2011

In the last two days I've spoken to three wonderful groups of high school students about Karma. Many thanks to W.G. Murdoch High School, Strathmore High SChool, and Lord Beaverbrook High school for being such amazing audiences. Students were attentive, engaged, and from what I can tell, didn't move a muscle while I spoke!

What I read to the students: Pages 146 - 158 of Karma.

Funniest question I was asked by a student: Do you have a tattoo?
    Me: No. Should I?
    Student: Yes. Lots.
    Me: What should I have a tattoo of?
    Student: The word Karma.

Thanks to the girls from W.G. Murdoch who didn't think I was nervous!

Thanks to Ella at Lord Beaverbrook who conducted a great interview afterward.

Thanks to Wordfest, Jodi Green, Anne Logan, Patti Pon, Dale Wallace, Kevin Peterson and Sheila O'Brien.

Check out this wonderful Calgary based book blog:  Kevin from Canada

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